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Thomas McNamara, founder and Director of Hard Facts has been providing the legal and insurance communities analytical and technical consultation since 1990.


Serving in the capacity of automotive technical engineering management as well as author, lecturer and instructor of automotive technology and mechanical engineering, Mr. McNamara’s 30 years of experience has benefited both the automotive manufacturing and academic communities.


Hard Facts, once renowned as a forensic engineering firm specializing in vehicle examinations has expanded its services to include all aspects of product liability. To accommodate various licensing requirements the firm now has two divisions, Forensic Engineering and Investigative Services. The Forensic Engineering division is licensed in the State of New Jersey to provide any type of engineering service. The Investigative division is licensed as a New Jersey Private Detective business.


Our services include in-house and on-site training of claims and special investigations personnel. We are currently in negotiation with several institutions of higher education where you can attend our Forensic Automotive Engineering Certificate Program. Details will be forthcoming.


All services are provided in a timely and professional manner. Our mobile forensic vans enable us to provide complete on-site examinations.